Narima is the old name for Ko Haa, the group of five islands that can be seen on the horizon from Narima.The Narima logo has been designed to reflect the shape of these islands. This is very much in keeping with the wider philosophy of Yodchai and Nopawan, who wanted their resort to blend as naturally as possible with the un-spoilt, rugged beauty of their retirement dream.

When designing the layout of the resort, one of their main concerns was to preserve as many of the original trees and plants as possible. They built the bungalows around existing trees and only felled when absolutely necessary. All the buildings have been constructed from natural, ecological materials that blend well into their surroundings. It is hard to spot the resort from the sea as it seems to disappear into the natural rainforest backdrop.

Narima has a magical, soothing effect on visitors — many people arrive planning to stay only a few days and end up staying for weeks, or even months, enjoying the friendly relaxing ambience.

When you arrive at Narima, it is as though Yodchai and Nopawan are welcoming you into their own home. This might be the reason why so many guests return, time and time again.

In keeping with traditional Thai philosophy, everyone who arrives at Narima is greeted with a glass of water. It is believed that a weary traveller or friend should be greeted with equal hospitality, and that the simple act of offering a glass of water will bestow an aura of friendship and goodwill. In keeping with this philosophy, there is also fresh tropical fruit available to guests at all times.

Yodchai and Nopawan chose not to remove the large flat rocks that lie just off the beach. They are home to many crabs and other small crustaceans and provide a natural protection to the bay.

Depending on the time of year, a layer of sand covers the rocks, at other times of the year, these beautiful rocks can be seen and explored at low tide.

Narima – The Eco Chic Bungalow Resort